Sequoia Capital poaches Accel partner for London office

Following earlier news this year that the venture capitalist firm, Sequoia Capital, will be opening a new London office later this year, there have been further office developments.

It has been revealed that they have taken Luciana Lixandru from Accel to head up the new office space in London, expected to open later this year. The expected opening date will be in September when Lixandra will start the new position.

Lixandru has led a hugely successful career thus far, leading investments in Deliveroo, and the cybersecurity firm Tessian.


Who is Sequoia Capital?

Sequoia Capital is widely considered to be one of the ‘Titans’ of the venture capitalist sector. It is also globally known for being one of the earliest investors in Google and Whatsapp.

The news of Sequoia Capital opening its very first office in London has been warmly received. As we have previously mentioned, the news of Sequoia Capital’s move to London office is predicted by experts to come ahead of a major tech startup buying spree.


Growing investment in technology

The companies office expansion plans in the UK have been received positively, thanks to the belief that the venture capitalist can help considerably boost investment opportunities to the tech industry.

There are fears that investment in tech startups could struggle in the next year whilst the UK goes ahead with its transition period leaving the EU.

For example, in a recent round of funding led by Sequoia Capital, they raised a staggering 42 million dollars in funding for the promising startup Tessian.

Tessian removes online threats (for example, spam emails) through machine learning. This is just one of a number of UK startups that the firm has recently invested in, showing its continued commitment to the UK. It is hoped that its commitment to Britain will also see Sequoia Capital increase its number of offices across the country.

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