Azizi Developments will open new office in London

Azizi Developments has announced they will be making their debut in London. The UAE company will be now opening offices in London in response to increasing customer demand for its properties.


Who are Azizi Developments?

The international property market firm is a leading developer, with its headquarters based in Dubai. The properties are mostly luxury commercial and residential properties in a wide range of sought-after locations.


Why are they opening a London office?

The Dubai-based property firm is primarily opening an office in the capital to maximize sales opportunities. It is looking to open an office in London to help with the business’s plans for global expansion. For example, this includes promoting its international sales presence, enrich its portfolio as well as opening in London to meet its aim for operational standards.

The company has also stated that it is looking to gain the interest of UK investors to its real-estate division, and believes that opening a London office will help to facilitate this. The international property firm hopes to achieve this by increasing overall brand awareness in the UK of Azizi Developments.


Where will the London office be?

At this moment in time, the exact location of the London office has yet to be confirmed. So far, the property company has stated that it is in the process of looking for offices in the city centre. It also looking to hire a number of sales professional to lead its London division when the workspace open. In total, it aims to hire a team of 11 customer and sales professionals to help facilitates its plans for expansion in the UK.


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