Sequoia Capital plans to open London office

Sequoia Capital, the venture capitalist that was one of the earliest investors in Whatsapp and Google, has announced it will be opening a London office in the not so distant future.

When will the office in London open?

The expansion plans for Sequoia Capital are shrouded in secrecy for now. Where the office will be, and the exact date the offices in London will be open remain unknown for the foreseeable future.

However, it is generally expected that they will open within the next year following this recent announcement.

Why is Sequoia Capital opening offices in London?

Its growing investment in tech startups.

The venture capitalist, which has Sir Michael Moritz the Welsh billionaire, as a partner, most recently took part in a significant deal with the UK cybersecurity startup Tessian. Tessian uses machine learning in order to remove online threats such as spam emails.

In its most recent round of funding that Sequoia Capital led, it raised approximately 42 million dollars for the promising startup.

Industry experts believe that the move from Sequoia Capital to acquire office space in London comes ahead of a tech startup buying spree.

New offices could herald hope post-Brexit

The news that Sequoia Capital plans to open new offices in the capital has been positively received.

Experts believe it could mark hope for the technology industry in London post-Brexit. This is because there are fears that there could be a lack of investment opportunities for startups once the UK has fully left the European Union.

Given the Silicon Valley firm’s previous history funding technology startups from the UK, its expansion plans seem promising for young businesses in tech seeking funding in the next few years.


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