Amazon starts search for more office space

The e-commerce behemoth Amazon has started its hunt for brand new office space in London, it has been reported.

Where are Amazon’s offices in London?

The existing office space Amazon includes its headquarters at Principal Place, located on the border of the City and Shoreditch.

These offices opened in 2017 and encompass over 600,000 sq ft in total. With 15 storeys overall, it has over 5,000 employees in the building.

But these aren’t the only offices Amazon has in the capital. There is also the Amazon office in Holborn and a development centre too.

Amazon’s commitment to the UK

Many industry experts believe that Amazon’s launch for additional offices in London is a sign of its strong commitment to the UK.

This is despite the outcome of the UK General Election in 2017, resulting in the country leaving the European Union. Brexit could impact the current immigration policy in place, which may cause difficulty for Amazon in the future.

However, Amazon has shown that it still remains certain about London being the place to be for its business activities and plans for expansion with this recent news.


Mirroring Facebook and Google’s expansion plans

The announcement that Amazon will be looking for more offices in the capital follows the recent news that social media giant Facebook announced it will be creating more office space in London for its firm.

Facebook will be opening more office space in King’s Cross, with the building to be completed by 2021. It is thought it will take up around 600,000 sq ft of space overall. It will be possible for this brand new building to accommodate up to 6,000 staff and workers.

Not only are Amazon and Facebook acquiring more space in London, but so is Google too. Its expansion plans in London will see the social media giant spend close to one billion on its headquarters in the capital.

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