Sustainable offices in London

It is becoming increasingly commonplace for offices in London to take into consideration sustainability, as well as trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. Given that the capital has the highest carbon footprint per person in the UK, this comes as welcome news for many.

Renting a traditional office in a building is no longer necessary the norm when finding your first office space. Since today, you could be looking at co-working spaces, business incubators, serviced offices and more.

But how are these offices actually taking steps to help protect the environment? Let us take a closer look at some examples of workspaces doing exactly that.


Bloomberg building

It might come as a bit of surprise to you, given that it is home to one of the worlds biggest news wires, but this office in London is completely sustainable.


It encompasses 1.1 million square foot of sustainable workspace. This includes the buildings ceiling panels that are made from aluminum petals’ that are energy efficient and, as well the building itself collecting and reusing rainwater from the roof.

As a result, the Bloomberg building has received a remarkable BREAAM (Building Research Establishing Environmental Assessment Method) rating 0f 99.2%.


Green Lab

In this shared office space in Bermondsey, the workspace prides itself as being a place where entrepreneurs can focus on designing sustainable solutions to environmental problems (primarily focusing on challenges relating to food, water, and waste).




Green Lab is pretty unique on the flexible working space scene, as it is both an office and an ecological laboratory! It is even possible for members to book ‘messy spaces’ which means the opportunity for experiments and access to growing areas, for things such as insect farming!



The colourful, eye-catching Containerville that is in East London is a complex made up of state-of-the-art eco-friendly offices.


Each and every office (fitting comfortably up to six people) is made up of shipping containers!


Karma Kitchen

Karma Kitchen, located in Bethnal Green, takes seriously its approach to creating a sustainable, eco-friendly office.




The office space in East London offers people the opportunity to do onsite composting, and provides cycling amenities too.


Second Home

This expansive work building is as eco-friendly as it gets in many ways: it uses 100% green energy and uses sustainable technology and environmentally-friendly materials throughout the huge space.


To help reduce its overall carbon footprint, it reuses old buildings whenever possible instead of building anew. Oh, and did we mention the thousands of plants located around the office to help purify the air?



This members club in Charing Cross is a co-working and event space with an eco-friendly sustainable twist – it is the first environmentally friendly members club in London.

Throughout the space, there are luscious green walls located everywhere, with the club priding itself as a calm sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city outdoors. All food and drinks provide are locally sourced too.



All the furniture used in the very leafy interiors of this flexible office space and studios has been made from reclaimed materials, directly by the in-house craftsman!


The offices are also cycle friendly, with plenty of bike storage available in its locations in Newington Green as well as in East London.

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