Generation Z: A new generation is joining the workforce

A Workspace for Generation Z

A new generation is joining the workforce. Generation Z is a group of young people who are never disconnected or unplugged. It’s important for them to have the right type of workspace in order to make their work life enjoyable and productive.

Third Spaces

The third space is a place for Gen Z as well as all other workers to relax in a more informal setting. It provides an area for a quick recharge, small meetings, or just a chance to work somewhere different with a bit more inspiration.

Close to Amenities

Gen Z are working longer hours as a result of an increased workload and have less time after work to run errands. Being close to amenities allows staff to run out in their lunch break to pop to the bank or return that impulse sale purchase.

Access to Technology – and plugs!

Gen Z grew up with high-speed internet connectivity, WiFi, and the big world of social media all accessed by laptops, smartphones, and tablets. And all these different devices need to be charged. Plugs are needed everywhere.

Natural Light

This goes for all employees. It was reported that workers with windows got an average of 46 minutes more of sleep per night. Other studies have found that well-lit spaces with natural elements such as daylight and greenery can improve creativity amongst the team.

Big Open Plan

Collaborative workspaces are increasing, and as a result, employees in this environment adapt the same attitude. Different departments bounce ideas off each other, and people are coming together for an ideal work life.

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