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It’s always been a widely known fact that if you’re a creative business, you should aim to work in the ‘creative capital’ Shoreditch. As the rents soar, the industries are heading to other parts of the city; those with beautiful architecture and with amenities that meet their needs.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is becoming vastly popular with the creative industries. Four miles west of central London, it offers easy access to Heathrow airport and the Central line also runs through.
When it comes to healthy eating, this is the place to work. With Daylesford Organic, Pomona’s and vegetarian restaurant Farmacy, it’s a great place to take a lunch break with colleagues. And if you need anything gift wise, the beautiful little shopping enclave Clarendon Cross holds everything you need.

Kentish Town

Kentish Town is not that well known in London as it is squashed between Camden Town and Highgate.
There are many independent shops and cool restaurants for your lunch, including Queen’s Crescent Market, one of London’s oldest street markets. It also boasts the iconic ‘The Fields Beneath,’ a coffee shop under Kentish Town West station, and was named after the history of Kentish Town by local author Gillian Tindall.
For the creatives as well, Kentish Town is famous for its multi-coloured terrace houses and they are very instagramable!

White City

The architecture in White Chapel could be why so many creatives are flocking there. The White City Stadium was built to host the 1908 Olympics, more than a century before Stratford took the reins. Developers have been more sensitive towards the area’s heritage; Whitechapel Gallery and Gwynne House are amongst those buildings that haven’t been changed.


Like its Westfield counterpart, Stratford benefited a lot from the Olympics, where practically a whole town was rebuilt.
There are more food places and shops in this area than anywhere else if you like going out for your lunch. Together with the older retail centre and shops in the surrounding area, Westfield is now the largest shopping centre in Europe.
The wildflowers and wetland area set the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park apart from other London parks and is perfect for chilling in the sun after work with colleagues and an ice cold drink.

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