Which Offices Are Still Open in During Covid-19 Lockdown?


Despite the current lockdown measures, there are still a number of offices that remain open and are key to the continued running of the businesses.

Although the UK government has asked households to stay home and whilst covid cases are starting to settle down, there is no reason that offices cannot be in use and they are still being used in the following ways.


Finance and Banking

For your average London office that specialises in finance, investments or banking, these offices certainly remain open. The sensitive nature of the data held inside these offices and the access to certain softwares and technologies means that these offices will continue to remain open. Without access to these offices, we could see huge turbulence and impacts to the stock markets, with traders and brokers unable to fulfil their regular roles.

To maintain hygiene and safety during Covid, you may find that the teams working at investments banks operate on time rotations or are socially distanced in their premises. You may find that people are not always working at their desks full-time, but certainly going into their offices for a few days per month.


Use by Agencies on Rotation

Whether it is small boutique firms, startups or marketing agencies, you may find that a handful of staff are still utilising their office space in January or February this year. This could be only one or two people in the office each day.

This enables the company to continue operating with someone available to take phone calls and new enquiries. It is also healthy for work-life balance and for individuals who are dealing with isolation or stress from constantly working from home.

It is assumed that the regular covid procedures are followed including regular wiping of surfaces, hand sanitisers and face masks when in contact with others.


Laboratories, Clinics, Warehouses and Construction Sites

Whilst some are classed as offices, various sites continue to operate and flourish during covid times.

Offices can still be limited to one or two people and open spaces with fresh air and opened windows are always encouraged.

For medical facilities and clinics, the use of PPE is essential to reduce the spread of the virus, especially if coming into contact with patients and members of the public.

Since they are still places of work, it is common and expected that these facilities will remain open.

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