Virtual office space secures funding in London

The virtual office space company, Kitt which uses virtual reality in order to help landlords both visualise and create space has raised over £2 million in seed funding its latest round.

The firm which collaborates with landlords in order to provide full-fit outs that are then based on the requirements of the client uses virtual reality technology to give a way for tenants to assess their own needs for space and to visualise potential interior design option.

Why does Kitt use VR technology for office spaces?

One of the main reasons that Kitt has decided to implement a VR strategy is that helps to eliminate the need for landlords to kit out apartments or houses, simply to attract new tenants. This means it is much more cost-effective for landlords, as it removes the need for a considerable investment, which landlords are already more hesitant to do given rental prices collapsing in a number of areas in London. 

What has Kitt achieved so far with London offices?

It has been a promising start for the firm. The company has taken on over 20 spaces in office buildings in the capitol. It has also collaborated with other firms to provide them their own uniquely designed office.

The CEO and co-founder of Kitt, Steve Coulson, has stated that many companies want to design their own fit-out and only pay for the office services they actually need but without the pain-points of traditional leasing. Kitt is able to join up these two different parts of the market very successfully.’

In terms of the future, the firm has the ambition of becoming the largest provider of bespoke managed office spaces in London by 2020, with the intention of also rolling out its work to other locations in the UK.

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