Firm Spaces launches its largest co-working space in London

The office provider, Spaces, has just recently opened its largest co-working office space so far. The firm now spans over several floors in London Victoria, occupying over 80,000 square feet in total.

The growing popularity of flexible workspaces

In the last twelve months, co-working spaces are taking up more commercial space across Europe. For example, one of the co-working industry’s largest companies, WeWork, has announced recently it will be gearing up to float this year, with intentions to look for more funding to help with expansion worldwide.

Why is the demand for co-working spaces increasing?

There are a variety of reasons that have been attributed to the growth in demand for co-working spaces. This includes more and more companies are seeing the advantages that are associated with the flexibility of co-working spaces.

The benefits of co-working

For example, the dynamic work environment that is typically associated with co-working spaces has been shown to have a greater impact on productivity levels and staff morale overall.  This applies whether or not someone is working on behalf of a firm, or if they are a freelancer.

Furthermore, companies are becoming aware of the linked financial and strategic advantages that they can benefit from by using a flexible co-workspace.

This includes the opportunity to work alongside different companies in a coworking space that may also potentially promote business growth: as these spaces can facilitate networking opportunities too, and the possibility of collaboration amongst firms.

In addition, with offices to rent in London being highly competitive and also ever increasingly expensive, co-working spaces offer an excellent compromise,  with the growth in spaces shows how they are continuing to attract entrepreneurs and new firms worldwide.

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