Google to take additional 140,000 sq ft of space

The search engine giant will be adding even more offices to its already sizeable estate in the UK.

How much more office space will Google acquire?

According to recently published reports, Google looks set to take up an additional 140,000 sq ft in total. It has signed for this new estate at Euston Tower, which is in close proximity to Warren Street.

The deal is a sublet from the real-estate firm Mapeley, and this was advised by the respective property agents Edward Charles & Partners as well as Cushman & Wakefield.

This will be a significant amount of space that Google will be accumulating, with the search giant behemoth already employing 5,000 staff in the UK.


Why is Google getting more office space?

The intention behind getting more office space in London is to make sure that the company has enough space to expand prior to its brand new headquarters being finished in the King’s Cross area.


What will the new Google headquarters be like?

This new headquarters in the city is going to be a highly expensive affair but will be able to have enough space to accommodate more than 7,000 employees overall.

The estimated cost for its new headquarters in the city is expected to be a whopping £1 billion in total.


When will the new Google headquarters open?

It is anticipated that the new headquarters in the capital will open its doors sometime in 2021.

The new purpose-built-11-storey building will encompass a whopping one million square feet by the time it is finished. Google will occupy more than half of this office space, taking up more than 650,000 sq ft.

The work on this new development started back in 2018.

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