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Find the perfect office during covid-19, speak to Pilcher London on 020 7399 8600

Looking for new offices during Covid? Get better rates and fully hygienic offices. Call us today on 020 7399 8600.

Is your company looking for the perfect space for the return to the office? Pilcher London believes in the importance of having an ideal office space at the core of company life. We want to facilitate a safe, comfortable and easy return to the office with the most suitable spaces. Our company specialises in venues with spacious work areas, plenty of fresh air and natural light.

There are plenty of benefits to office life that have been sorely missed whilst working from home. We believe that the right office environment stimulates team dynamic and creativity. We also believe that an office space is a reflection of a company’s values. This is why we always put the company at the heart of our property searches.

As we return to the office, we know that staff safety and hygiene is of paramount importance. We are dedicated to finding an office space that suits your team, regardless of company size, covering small teams of fewer than 10 people all the way up to 100 employees.

Our company is dedicated to finding the perfect fit for your organisation’s needs. Whatever facilities you need to help your team as we head forward into a ‘new normal’, we can find a match for you. Whether you work in banking, fashion, law, or tech, we can find the perfect space for maximising team productivity and efficiency.

Why use Pilcher London to find new offices during covid?

Pilcher London has over 40 years of experience enabling a deep knowledge of London’s property scene and relationships with multiple well-known landlords. Consequently, we have access to a huge range of unique office spaces. We assure you that whatever you are looking for, we can find the space to match your requirements.

We can help you find the most exclusive office spaces in London helping to relocate your team and find the optimum space to return to the office safely. With offices across some of London’s most desirable areas, including Mayfair, Soho, Shoreditch and Kensal Green, we will help your team feel right at home as they return to the office.

Start your search today and Pilcher London will present a number of offices ready to rent in London. We filter the results by square feet, allowing you to select a property that is the correct size for your team to work in a spacious environment. By clicking on the individual property, you can see further information including specific amenities and facilities.

We are on hand to offer expert commercial advice and our team of professionals is always willing to help. Your company’s safety is paramount for our property searches and we are passionate about finding the perfect match between company and office space. We make it our mission to find you the best rates available suited to your needs, budget and time-frame.

Speak directly with one of our team members today, call Pilcher London on 020 7399 8600.

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