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Find the best offices for fashion companies with Pilcher London

If you work in fashion or retail, we can help you find the best office space and terms for your business. In a creative environment, we can help you relocate or find the an office that can accommodate all your staff, merchandise, stock and more.

At Pilcher London, we truly specialise in creative offices in London, making the most of high ceilings, natural light and open spaces for your ever-expanding workforce. It is the flair and creativity of a good office space that can bring out the best in your staff members and overall business.

If you can tell us about more about what you are looking for, your budget and requirements, we can help narrow down your search and find the right office space for your fashion or retail business.

In addition, we have developed quality relationships with landlords and commercial property partners across London for decades – and we are here to help you not only find the ideal office but also get the best rates and terms for your company.

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  • Offices for fashion designers, boutiques and agencies
  • Textile offices
  • Co-working spaces
  • High street fashion offices
  • Fashion warehouses
  • Offices for retailers

Which areas have the best offices for fashion?

There are several well-known fashion firms and retailers located across London, including some of our favourite brands. The most popular places for offices for retail companies includes the fashionable Bond Street, Soho and Mayfair areas, with close proximity to Oxford Street and Saville Row.

Offices for fashion can be located anywhere, with some startups and brands preferring to have offices in East London or North London to have a bit more space to work with and still have close access to the centre of London.

Start your search for a new fashion office

Start your search for a new office today. You can click on our search button below and this will allow you to choose your requirements and filter the results based on ideal location and square feet. You can browse through the individual profiles of our properties which will include photos and more information about the property.

Pilcher London has spent more than 40 years helping businesses of all sizes to find the right office space for them. With a passion for the creative, we can show you a number of potential offices as soon as you get in touch and guide you through every step of the way including pricing, leasing and more. Our passion for workspace is matched with our sound commercial advice, always acting in favour of the tenant and helping to negotiate the best terms possible. Plus, there are no fees for looking around - so why not start your search for a fashion office today?

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