U.K. Offices Told to Prepare Amidst Concerns of Terrorist Attacks

Concerns over terrorist attacks rise as the U.K.’s Home Office republishes advice and urges schools, offices and hospitals to rehearse responses to “marauding” terror attacks – these meaning “fast-moving and violent” attacks that aim to injure/kill as many as possible before being stopped by the police.

The government’s national counter-terrorism security office claim in this advice booklet that “Defending your organisation against a marauding terrorist attack is undoubtedly a challenging task […] However, with well developed procedures, security systems, training and rehearsal, lives can be saves.”

The advice further states: “Rehearsing the response to marauding terrorist attack is the only way to ensure that the procedures and technical systems function as expected and to highlight areas for improvement.” 

“Rehearsals are also key in preparing security and front-line personnel since the actions required of them during an attack do not form part of their usual duties.”

“Testing components and later full integration of your procedures using practical rehearsals will highlight real-world issues and areas for further improvement.”

The advice booklet was initially drafted a few years ago, however has recently been republished amidst rising concerns of such attacks, Home Secretary Priti Patel warning of increasing threats from lone wolf terrorists, particularly as locations begin to reopen after recent revisions to the U.K.’s coronavirus lockdown measures.

These revisions have led to the reopening of a number of businesses, however these businesses must maintain safe and responsible social distancing practices, amongst other measures, to help control the spread of the virus as much as possible.

This advice booklet details practical methods in which to alert people of an attack, stating that the way in which this is executed is crucial in helping to minimise injuries and deaths. The methods advised include text messaging, smartphone apps and more.

The booklet also explains the importance of rehearsals to these incidents, educating people on the best way to approach this type of situation – which all helps to minimise injuries and deaths. It states:

“You can go so far with briefing documents, videos and lectures but when you put these people into safe and managed stress test situations that’s where you start to see the real benefit of a full rehearsal”

This advice is claimed to be most applicable to offices, however, is also suitable for other types of locations such as schools, hospitals, and other crowded spaces – e.g. cinemas, stadiums and shopping centres.

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